September 12, 2012

Clothes Haul

Hello dolls! 
I went shopping three times in the space of 4 days, I'm officially broke! 

I rarely go out to buy clothes, I'm more of a beauty, makeup, skincare, nail varnish buyer! But seeing as I'm starting college I decided to buy more clothes and less beauty products, buuuuut.. I still bought both. I'm going to have two hauls, one for clothes and one for beauty! 

All of my clothes are from Penneys/Primark, ill just get straight into it!

Blazer | €17 
 First of all I picked up this black blazer, I was in serious need of one. This one also isn't too heavy so I could wear it on a warm day! I find blazers very smart and professional looking. This one is quite plain, it's black with a line of leopard print going down the middle of the inside, if that even makes sense.. which honestly, I don't understand. No one will see the inside? It also hasn't got much of a design on cuffs except a little line of leopard print. I was disappointed as I'd of loved a design on the cuffs!

Knitted Jumpers | €10 each

When I saw these jumpers I actually fell in love with them. They had gorgeous colours that definitely would catch your eye! I picked out the green and blue ones as these were my favourites. I love the zip at the back, it adds detail to the jumper but not too much, so it's perfect! The only thing with these jumpers I found were they were very small fitted. I got two sizes bigger. The proper size is probably great for you guys, but for me I wanted them a little loose and over sized.

Zip Up Hoodie | €10
I was actually in need of a new hoody and when I saw this one, I knew I had to get it! The colour is so versatile and therefore I can wear it with a lot of things. I also got this a size bigger because I love jumpers to be just a little bit big on me. They also had this in lots of different colours, I just hadn't enough money to buy them. I'm definitely going to get more of these. I love them!

Striped Tank Top | €3.50
This is just a normal striped tank top I picked up, it was only €3.50 so I couldn't resist grabbing it!

Dublin Jersey | €60
My daddy gave me money towards buying this jersey and I was delighted, I've needed one for so long. Dublin were knocked out of the GAA in the semis at the weekend though, boo hoo! Which is really disappointing. At least I'll have this jersey forever now. It's big on me though. It's size small, but it's still like a dress on me!

Lace/Polka dot Top | €11
This was the last top that I picked up! I absolutely LOVE it. It's super cute and looks great tucked in rather than let out. That's just my opinion though! But I think it's very smart looking yet you could definitely get away with this top on a night out. It's fab.

Tan Bag | €9
Well, I've needed a tan bag for ages and I could never find any decent ones, but when I was in Penneys I seen this one and said I may as well get it. For nine euro, you can't go wrong!

Penneys Canvas Shoes/Pumps | €3
As always I got my Penneys shoes. You only, well.. I only get a few wears out of these each time, so I'm lucky they're only three yoyo's!

Penneys Tom/Flossys Copies | €4 
I just needed a pair of these!

Other shoes | €2
Yep these were only two euro. Bargain! Just had to grab them!

Thanks for reading! I know this post is LONG over-due! But I've just started college and I'm so busy! But anyways it's here now, so enjoy!

Have you bought any of these items recently? Will you buy any of them? Do you love/hate any? Let me know what you think! :)

Lots of love,


  1. I got the blue jumper too in 3sizes too big for me!!!
    I much rather jumpers when they are big and loose :)

    1. I'm the same! Penneys clothes are getting worse.. The sizes are always too small! So I've been hearing anyways! I think most of mine were bigger sizes than I usually am! :/ xx

  2. love the tan bag leanne! i love ur blog :) new follower here! mandy @

    1. Thanks Mandy! The picture is crap though. Was rushing for college when I took that haha!

  3. ooh you have some really good finds at good prices!
    thanks for sharing, I love your blog :)

    jayj x.


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