April 18, 2013

*Coming soon* | Holidays | What I'm packing | Hauls | Baking

I just thought I'd make a little collage to show you what is most likely to be coming in the next few weeks and have a little ramble, because rambling is what I do best!

(Pic above - in order from Top L-R, Bottom)
Green white and orange cupcakes, yes the batter is green, white and orange, there's no frosting! 
Some shorts I'll be packing for holidays!
Multicolored cupcakes, again the batter is coloured, obviously.
More clothes I'll be packing for holidays!

I'm hoping to get a few blog posts up and ready in the next few weeks! Because I'm ALMOST finished college, I cannot wait! I'll be most likely taking next year/this year/2013 out as I haven't applied for any courses, unless I can get a late entry into somewhere! So a job is well in order for me! Ahh. But where?! There is none!!!

Anyways! As you may or may not be aware, I'm heading off on FOUR holidays this year. Believe me though, at first it's like, "This is brill, four holidays? Come at me brah!", but then you realise, "Oh no, I have no money, time to go busking on the streets". Just joking ha ha. I literally just skimmed by with money this year. I don't even know HOW. I'll explain this in coming posts.
I'm going to Santa Ponsa mid June, Turkey end of July, London mid August and the Canaries in December! 

Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be getting the following kinds of posts up; 
-Each holiday individually along with hauls and things I still need to get, what I'm packing, some of the things we'll be doing there. Etc. Etc.
-I've also got some baking posts in mind! I love to bake cakes and desserts. I'm no pro, but I just really enjoy it. So hopefully I can incorporate that into my blog soon, some how!

Okay I won't write any more, I'll keep my thoughts for the coming posts! Woo! I hope you all enjoy the next few posts that are being thought up right now and I hope you don't mind me complaining about being broke, in. Every. Single. One.

Let me know if you're going on holidays this year.
If you have any tips for packing.
Any things I should go do, or see in any of the places I'm going?

Thanks for reading loves,

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