August 24, 2012

Another Beauty Wishlist

Hello world! I hope you're all well! 

I was in such a blogging mood this week after recovering from being totally ill, I made a few blog posts and scheduled them. So therefore, MORE POSTS! Yay!

I decided to do a wishlist, actually three, maybe. Because I made three different lists of things I wanted in three different categories. Makeup, Clothes and Nail Art Accessories. So I've chose to do a makeup/skincare wishlist as a blog post to share with you all! I'll just get straight into it I guess.

I've actually been looking for a toner for my face for ages now! I seen this on a YouTube beauty guru the other day and she was ranting and raving about it. I really want to try it! Plus it's a Boots brand, but you'd hardly notice it seeing as the icon is so tiny. It's £2.32, around €3, so not so bad! They also have a spritz spray but I think I'll try this one first.

For the brushes that I own (though I am planning on buying a full set soon!), I started cleaning them with oil as it makes them so soft! I also want to use it for nail care AND hair care. You can use baby oil for a lot of things. I think I'd buy the 100ml, rather than the 500ml and see how long I get out of it before realizing I need the 500ml. In Boots this is £1.20 so it'd be around €1.50. You can pick these up in various pound shops as well though!

This is the same price as the baby oil, and I'll also be using it for cleaning my makeup brushes! It's 100ml as well, and you can get it in 300ml too! I find the small travel sizes are handy for carrying around, if I was to go on holidays or anything these sizes are perfect! (Obviously Leanne, 'travel' size?)

Even though this stuff looks nasty, really nasty.. I've heard endless reviews about it and how amazing it is! I don't ever use body scrubs, but I know if I buy this I'll probably never stop using them. Boots actually have a 3 for 2 sale on selected bath products and seeing as I really want to try this I might buy it along with some other random bits and bobs. This is £8 in Boots so probably €10! I hope I get it before the 3 for 2 offer ends because I really am keen to try some other Soap & Glory products.

There has been SO much hype about this new invention of sticking your finger in a hole (of sponge covered in nail varnish remover, thanks very much!) and getting rid of all your nail varnish from your nail in 1second (obviously dramatic, I'd say about 5seconds at least! Do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) As soon as I heard about it I had to get it, so Boots here I come! In Boots it's £4.99 so about €6 for me. Unless I can find it in a pound shop, which a LOT of people are saying they have got lately. The one in the pound shops is called 'Twist & Out'.

I seen a fellow blogger, Tor, blog about Miners and I fell in love with the brand straight away! It's kind of like Essence and is a cheaper brand, yet still has amazing quality products! This red colour looks gorgeous and it's only £3.99, about €5 for me. That's a great price for such a beautiful colour.

This pink, is another colour from Miners lipstick range that I looooove. I'm in awe with this new (to me) brand and I'm absolutely dying to try out their products! This lipstick is also £3.99. I find this great that they're this price, as I don't wear too much lipstick because I always think it doesn't suit me. So instead of spending almost €20 on a MAC lipstick, I think it's way better to lose a fiver.

I'm also on the hunt for a brush set. I can't afford any of these €100 sets right now, I don't even have a job. I seen a few sets around town on the markets, but I'm too scared to buy them to be honest. There was one guy selling the whole Bobbi Brown brush range for €35. I was so close to buying it, then said no because if I was ripped of I'd go crazy and most possibly hurt him. Hehe. There was also a brush set for €20 in La Chica, in Dublin. But again, I'm afraid to buy it. I know eventually I'll give in and buy one or the other, but until then, let me know if you guys know any cheap ones I can buy, around Ireland.

Edited just before publishing: I was asking you guys on Twitter if you knew of any brush sets that are cheap yet good quality. A lot of people mentioned 'Real Techniques'. I made the decision that even though these brushes are dear-ish. I'm going to get them anyways. They're worth the price I suppose as they are real and if I look after them, I'll have them a long time. I'm planning on getting two sets which are on sale in Boots. Buy one get one half price! The 'Core Collection' and the 'Starter Set' It's going to cost me about €45 at the most, but I can't wait!

L-Core Collection & R-Starter Set

Last but certainly not least, I'm still looking for a neutral eye shadow palette. In which, I will be purchasing very, very soon. I am going to try get a brush set first though, so I can use it? Haha. 

What do you think of these products? Have you tried them before? Will you be trying them soon?
Thanks a mil for reading! Let me know what you think! If you've any comments, suggestions, questions etc. etc. email me, tweet me or leave them below! You know yourselves! :)

Lots of love,


  1. I've never seen that Boots toner around, sounds great!
    I love RT brushes... definitely the best on themarket in my opinion, and not too pricey too. :)

  2. i love this post great job!

    check me out;)


  3. Those brushes are great! You'll love them! Also if you're looking for a cheap neutral palette, the MUA Undressed is a great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette. Laura wrote a review on it and I've used them both and they really aren't much different :)

    1. I tried to buy them today and they were all gone! Gutted, isn't the word..
      Ah that's great! I only want neutral colours anyways, so that'd be handy! I'll check out the review now! :) Thanks for letting me know! :) xx

  4. love body scrubs. i scrub the HECK out of my body in the shower. there are just so many dead cells sitting all over you and the thought of it grosses me out haha. cute blog girl ;)

  5. I really want to try the Real Techniques brushes too! They look like they're just fantastic quality for the money! xoxo

  6. I have wanted to try that 1 second makeup remover too! Let me know what your thoughts are on it!!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog about the MUA Undressed palette review. I hope you get a chance to snag one of those palettes!!
    A Brunette Duet

    1. I will let you know, don't worry! I'm dyyyyying to try it. It looks fun as well, hehe.
      Awh that's no problem! Yeah me too, hopefully I can get it soon! :) xx

  7. I seriously love anything with rose water.
    (Also check out the giveaway I am doing for a really cute cat purse!)

  8. When you get the toner, let us know how it works ! x

    1. I actually picked it up the other day, will do a review soon! :) x


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