June 4, 2013


I was kindly contacted by OASAP a while ago about hosting a giveaway on my blog for you guys! If you don't know who or what OASAP is; "OASAP is a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion by offering various kinds of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, beauty products, etc.". They also do free shipping worldwide! ;)

I've been waiting a good few weeks now to host this giveaway as I had a bit of trouble with it. (Just my luck!) But it's all finally resolved and we're ready to go! I'm doing my giveaway via Rafflecopter and believe me I had so much trouble setting this thing up! Technology is getting harder by the day!!! But I got there after about 3 or 4 hours, even just putting it on my blog, was confusing haha! All the links that you will need are in the Rafflecoptor widget. 
Anyways, to the rules!
  1. You must be a follower of my blog on either GFC or Bloglovin'.
  2. For this giveaway to go ahead, I need at least 50 people to sign up for oasap by the 14th of June. 
    Can we do it?
    Yes we can!
  3. Oasap also state that you must follow at least ONE of their social networking sites; Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and/or Instagram. (All linked below in the Rafflecopter widget)
  4. The giveaway is open internationally, so everyone can join in!

And now for the wonderful prizes that you can chose from!

You can check out each prize individually via the links below!

Thank you all for reading and best of luck to everyone who enters!
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  1. Hi! My email is vaniav [at] sapo.pt and my twitter name is @vaniavieira1988.

    Thank you :)

  2. Amazing giveaway and post :) x

    Email: krystelmac@gmail.com
    Twitter: @Krystelc0uture

    www.krystelcouture.com | Shamballa Bracelet Giveaway ♥

  3. great giveaway! love the skater skirt!
    Naama A
    nam12 [at] walla.co.il

  4. Email: arbanmichelleann@yahoo.com
    Great Giveaway!!!
    I love the Candy Coloured Skater Skirt

  5. I love the candy color skater skirt! So cute. Email: raomeenas@gmail.com

  6. me gusta la falda rosa
    @buddi981 tw

  7. Hey! I would really love the sleeveless crochet vest. It's so damn cute. I am no good with skirts, otherwise I'd have picked the skater skirt. The colour is really awesome. My twitter handle is @nescientme.

  8. I would love the Sleeveless Chiffon Dress With Asymmetric Hem. applenote.jamie(at)gmail.(com) Jamie_M_32 twitter

  9. Sleeveless Round Neck Crocheted Lace Vest


  10. I entered and I like the crocheted vest. lebl9077@bellsouth.net

  11. Entered
    I would love Elegant Mini Skirt With Chiffon Overlay

  12. Sleeveless Round Neck Crocheted Lace Vest



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