July 11, 2012

ASOS £100 Challenge

When I seen this competition I was more about making an outfit with a certain amount of money rather than winning £100, although it would be nice!
I thought this challenge would be easy, but believe me.. it was far from! It was great fun though and I really enjoyed it.

Here's what I came up with in the end..

All the bright colours, I am totally in love with these days so this dress for £35 was a bargain! The bow earrings and ring are so cute, I am definitely buying these! The mustache necklace, OH MY GOSH. I so want this! It's trés moi! That means very me. I think - think, after 6 years of doing french in school?! Clutch bags are in, and when I seen this one I just thought the colour fitted perfectly with the dress! The boots I chose were wedges as these are my new best friends on a night out. Throw the high heels in the bin ladies, wedges are in! They're so comfy and I just love them, I picked these ones because they go with the belt on the dress. I love this look and would really consider buying it myself!

I know the picture's a bit all over the place, but me and 'photoshop' aren't friends! I have no idea how to use it haha. I probably could have used something else, but after spending hours looking for a while outfit using just £100, I just wanted to get it done!

Any how, I managed to do it! Using just under £100. Altogether it costs just £96. SCORE!


Here's what I picked:


So I really enjoyed this challenge and I'm sure you will too so why not try it out here!
A great big thanks to The Discounter Coder Blog!


  1. I love this dress :)
    it's perfect for summer!!


  2. Love everything you pick. Found you through blog hop. Very impressed x

  3. love the wedges!!
    found your blog through bbu blog hop :)
    lauren xx

  4. those are such cute picks! i love the dress and earrings <3

  5. love the clutch, would be so cute for a prom or something! lovely outfit, might have a go myself!
    Liv xo


  6. lovely items! that clutch is gorgeous! xx


  7. Love the necklace you chose! I found your blog via the BBU blog hop and followed!

    1. Awh thank you! I think I followed back! :) xx

  8. NEW FOLLOWER ALERT ! Hi I come here from bloggersunit blog hop! Love your page and is a new follower! It'll be great if you can check out my and follow me too. Thanks!

    Mimika's Little Wonderland

  9. The dress is stunning! Will definitely have to look on RI xx

  10. Love your outfit :-) I found it such a challenge too!
    Found you through blog hop xx


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