October 3, 2013

Tartan Is Back!

I'm super glad that tartan is back! I've always had a soft spot for tartan/plaid clothes, well... Most tartan clothes! I've done a bit of browsing to see which celebs have been wearing tartan and how they're styling it. While doing this, I decided I'd write me a little blog post! It's only something small to get me back into the swing of things because I haven't blogged for a few months. Unfortunately I could sit here and explain all sorts of reasons why I didn't blog, but I'm not going to bore you and bring back memories! 

Anyways let's get cracking and see which celebs are pulling off the tartan trend this season!

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
Photo source: Sara Jaye Weiss/StartraksPhoto.co

I am absolutely loving this look! This plaid sleeveless tee goes perfectly with those skinny jeans. The over-sized leopard print clutch wouldn't have been my first choice, but Jessica is definitely pulling it off. Is this the start of clashing prints?! Or have I been living in a box and missed this trend?

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo
Photo source: 
Marc Piasecki/WireImage

How cute is that dress? This navy blue plaid dress is actually from Zara! The zipper detail is stunning and Olivia is really pulling this outfit off! With her suede like boots and green leather clutch. 

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn
Photo source: A

I'm loving this jacket Olivia is wearing, it would definitely be a staple piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. You could wear it again and again. The plaid pattern is just stunning! I also love the way the collar is extremely exaggerated on this jacket!

Do you like plaid clothes? Are you wearing plaid this season?

Thank you all for reading!
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  1. Love tartan so much! The Jessica alba look is my fav! :)


    1. I know! It's gorgeous when styled properly! Same with me, it's so plain and simple, but still so gorgeous!


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