July 17, 2012

My Wishlist

I've been wanting a lot of products lately so I decided to make a post on some of them. I wish I could win the lotto and just buy them all! This list ranges from makeup products, to nail polish, to skincare products.

MAC | Lady Danger Lipstick. (Around €18)

The colour of this lipstick is just amazing! I love its brightness. It's definitely on my wishlist this summer.
Bobbi Brown | Basic Brush Collection. (Around €140)

I've really been needing a basic brush kit, as I have brushes all over the place in my house. I don't think I'd spend this much money on a brush set, not yet anyways. Does anyone know any cheaper sets you can get, with good quality?

Models Own | Coral Reef. (Around €4)

I've never tried Models Own nail polish, and I really am keen to. I loved this colour straight away and I'm definitely going to get it this summer.

Models Own | Ibiza Mix - Hed Kandi! (€4)

I love this glitter polish from models own too, and am dying to try it on top of loads of different colours!

Topshop | Nails In Easy Breezy. (Around €6)

I've heard many great reviews about Topshop's nail polish, and when I scanned through their site the first colour I was attracted to was this one. It's a summery colour and I'm going to have to try this soon!

Sleek | Storm I-Divine Palette. (€8)

I really only wear neutral tones on my eyes as I'm not a big eye shadow fan. So this would be the best palette for me. I am dying to experiment and this palette for just €8 is a bargain!

LUSH | BB Seaweed Face Mask. (Around €7)

I've seen great reviews about this product and I am curious to try it myself. I want to know does it live up to the reviews. I love lush products and I'm really hoping to try this soon!

So this is just a small list of products I want to try. I'm going to try do a wishlist maybe once or twice a month, just to see what products you guys think I should avoid and ones I should definitely try out. 
What do you think of that idea?
What's on your wishlist this month? 
Have you tried any of these products? 
Any products you recommend me trying?

Also I would love to know what kind of content you like to see. Comment below and let me know! I would love to hear all of your ideas. 
Remember you can email me if you have any questions, I love to hear from you guys! 

*I also want to note that when you guys comment, I do read them. I don't always reply, but I always read ;) *


  1. Some amazing items on your wishlist, i love the shade of the topshop nail polish.
    I'm a new follower through BBU blog hop

    1. I'm so excited to try them!
      Thank you, expect a follow back! :) xxx

  2. I just did a post about the BB seaweed face mask from LUSH, and that topshop nail polish is in my wish list post tomorrow! I have the models own in Ibiza mix, seriously it is so good! The glitter in it covers so well!
    I found your blog on the BBU blog hop (I can't remember if I commented else where saying that!)

    Vicky xo


    1. Great, I'll defo have a read!
      I'm going to have to buy and try, I've wanted it for a long time!
      Yeah I was hoping to hear something about the Ibiza Mix, I'm going to try order it this weekend now! Yay! xx

  3. I would defo recommend real techniques make up brushes! I've done a review on my blog aqeela-keela.blogspot.co.uk n c wt u think hun x

  4. I have a couple of Bobbi Brown brushes and love them, but I've never been particularly successful buying complete brush sets ... I still end up reaching for my favorites, and they're not all from the same manufacturer. You know, Lancome stipple, Chanel foundation, Bobbi Brown eyeliner ... like that.

    That being said, I covet that Model's Own Ibiza polish BIG TIME.

    p.s. Followed you from the BBloggers Blog Hop. Thanks for following me!

    1. Yeah, that's exactly what I do.. I have loads of random ones!
      Me too, it looks gorgeous!!
      That's fine and thank you! x

  5. I love these,totally agree! I love your blog. Definitely following now! Stay in touch and stop by my new blog! xx


  6. thanks for visiting my blog! love yoru blog too! I want those products too :)

    by the way check out my current giveaway! I'm having a giveaway for a 22k gold plated designer necklace! Click Here!

  7. I really want to try the sleek palette as well. I found you through the BBu blog hop

  8. I really want to try the Sleek Storm palette too-the colors are to die for! Love your blog xoxo

  9. To be fair I have the Acid-I divine palette as I love bright colours n to b honest after seein good reviews I thought its a must as it has amazing bright colours but for me it turned out a disappointment colours pick well on applicator but don't transfer well at all will soon do a review with swatches x

  10. Lovely wish list, love the lipstick choice :)

    Tanesha x

  11. wow your blog is amazing! im new to this and some support would so much appreciated...so if you have a little spare time if you could check my blog out...www.allthatisprettyx.blogspot.com xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Your wishlist is almost identical to what mine would be! Haha. I love those Models Own shades!

    I found you on the BBU blog hop!


  13. I've tried MAC lipsticks and they are so awesome, I already have two: Ruby Woo and See Sheer, and they are so cute and wearable! Totally worth the money :)
    I follow you through Blog Hop! Have a nice day xx


  14. Ooo some great picks here! I would definitely recommend anything form Lush as the service in there is fab and they will always help you out :D


  15. That sleek palette reminds me of the MUA undressed palette - it's awesome :)

    Found you on bloghop by the way, and subscribed :) Happy blogging :D


  16. Great wishlist! You should definitely get the Models Own HedKandi polish, I love it.

    Just found you through the BBU blog hop, now following. Hope you can check out my blog too? :)

    Laura xx

  17. Great wish list! Not tried Models Own, Im really wanting some!
    Found you through BBU & followed via GFC x Kirsty x

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  18. I want to try Models Own nail Polished also...looking at other wish lists make me want more beauty products:)

    I found you through BBU blog hop and followed via GFC :)



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