July 25, 2012

Fashion Wishlist

Seeing as I haven't blogged about fashion yet, I decided to do a wishlist as my first fashion post! I just picked out some random bits and bobs from my favourite site boohoo, where I love to shop.
I hope you like them!

Minnie Sleeveless Bow Detail Fit And Flare Dress (€15) 
As soon as I saw this dress it stood out miles. The colour is so pretty and the little bow really breaks the dress up. I love the way the dress is tight fitting at the top and then flowy at the bottom. I think you have a big choice of things you can wear with this dress, such as blazers and cardigans and different types of shoes. Though as choice of accessories, not so much as the bow itself is like an accessory.
What do you think?

Lucy "Oui Moustache" Drop Arm Vest (€12)
These mustaches are just brill, I love them! They're totally adorable! Swingy tops are also a new trend, in my eyes anyways! I think you can pretty much wear them with anything you want. I love these tops especially on a 'fat day', where you just don't feel your best. Just throw one of these on you! I think they're great for warm weather, they don't cling to you and well... you can't get sweat patches, can you? ;)

Wendy Striped Chiffon Blazer (€20)

I was looking through blazers as I'm in desperate need of a new one. I think they're so versatile and you get so much wear out of them! This one caught my eye immediately. I'm loving stripes these days. I love the fact its got no buttons as I usually wear my blazers open anyways, I think I look ridiculous with them closed. (Don't judge me!)

Blaire Chiffon Collar Slouch Blazer (€24)
I also seen this whilst looking through the blazers section. The colour caught my eye straight away, this colour always does! I don't know why but even when I walk in to a shop, my eyes automatically scan the room for this colour. *Rambling*. Anyways, I think the design of this blazer is amazing! I love the shape of it and all the ruffles add to it so much. The way it's longer at the sides and short at the front is gorgeous!

Olivia Bird Print Shorts (€14)

I fell in love with these shorts when I seen them. The bird pattern is trés cute! I have so many ideas in my head of what I could wear these with. And for just 14 euro? What a bargain!

Ella Black Diamante Suedette Platform Heels (€45)
Personally, I know I'll never buy these. Well not until I can afford them! That's why they're on this wishlist. I'll wish for them, haha. The little bow on the front of these is stunning and the heel itself is gorgeous. The fact they're black is also a great advantage for me.
Who else wears black heels constantly?

Amarah Beige Platform Bow Front Heels (€40)
I love these heels! I seem to be interested in bows a lot too! These are just beautiful, even the colour. I think it's fab! The bow on the front may be a bit too much for some people, but I think it adds to the shoe and without it, it would just be a normal heel! Though in fairness I'd still wear them without the bows. At 40 euro, it's probably cheap for some people, but not for me as I don't even work yet. So I'd probably have to pass on these! Boo.

Danika Red Suedette Cut Away Wedge (€50)
While on the topic of shoes, I just thought I'd get your opinions on these type of heels. I think they're mad! But they are gorgeous and definitely eye catching! 
How do people walk in these?
I think if I tried, I'd break my neck, honestly! Let me know what you guys know or think about these cut aways! I'd love to know what they're like and if anyone has tried them before!

If you're reading this now, thanks for reading through this! It was probably crap, but hey.. what are you guys for? Telling me if it really was crap or not haha. This is my first time having a go at fashion blogging. I'm thinking of making a full outfit for you guys soon, and I have a lot of plans on new fashion posts to come. But first, let's see how I got on with this one!

I'd love to hear your opinions on these items and what you thought of this post too! Do you agree or disagree with any of the above statements? Let me know! I love reading your comments! :)

Links to all of these items:


  1. I adore some of these tidbits!! Especially the black and white blazer(that whole outfit is amazing), the shortss and the blue dress !! Hope you get these and post :)


  2. OMG that dress is to die for...love that colour........those red wedges are rather delectable too!!!

    found you via the BBU blog hop...come say hello xx

  3. Just found your blog through BBU Blog Hop! Love it :)

    Following...follow back ?

    Kendall & Tiana

  4. The "Oui" top is really cute and the striped blazer would make a great statement piece :)

  5. love the little Oui moustache top so cute, moustaches are still everywhere this season! :)



  6. Love that coral blazer and those nude heels!

    Followed after finding you through the bbu blog hop xx


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