August 22, 2012

Two Week Nail Growth Project

Hello darlings! I was on a big downer this week as I was really ill and literally run down. 
Anyways, all my nails broke and I was devastated. I hate my nails being short, as I used to bite them and when they grew long I was so happy! But now that they're all gone, I'm sad again. 

I came up with an idea though. I said, since I'm better, I'll take extra good care of them for two weeks. Also I said, I'll take a picture of each hand, every day, for two weeks. Just to see if there's a big difference! Usually I don't notice my nails growing, because I see them every day. Same with my hair! 

I actually started this project two days ago and today is the third day. I'll definitely have a blog post up on this when the two weeks are up. I'm hoping I don't forget a day, which I haven't so far! Woo hoo! But if I do it's not that big a deal really. 13/14 ain't so bad! I can't wait to put them all together and see if there's a noticeable difference!

When I'm writing my blog post on this in two weeks, I was thinking of including some nail care tips and a daily care routine. But that's only if my nails do grow in the two weeks!

Also, if anyone wants to try this along with me, go for it! I'd love to see your progress too! Let me know in the comments if you're going to try it!

Thanks a million for reading!


  1. I think I'm going to try it too, will be nice to see if it makes a difference! See you in 2 weeks for the results! haha!

    Lots of love, Alex from Bambella Blog

    1. Great! I hope it works! Thanks for dropping by :) xo

  2. Good luck, honey!!

    Found you on BBU blog hop. :)

  3. Oh I hope this goes well for you!! I tear my nails off and am currently trying to grow mine out too! Maybe we can encourage each other;) thanks for stopping by our blog, new followers!

    1. Me too, haha! Yeah encouragement is always a good thing :) No problem and thank you! xo


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