March 26, 2013

Barry M | Nail Paint | Wishlist

Doesn't everyone just LOVE Barry M? I definitely do, for nail varnish that is. I tend to pick up a lot of their nail varnish in Boots. They're usually on special offers like 3 for 2 etc. But even when they're not I'll still pick up a new one! Whilst I was browsing through their siteI couldn't resist looking at some polishes. 

I made a few collages of some nail polishes I hope to pick up over the next few months. They vary from the different ranges.

Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint

I LOVE these new gel-like polishes, as does everyone I’ve seen review them! They’re super shiny and have a lovely glossy finish. They have a good amount of colours to choose from, but whenever I go to Boots, they don’t have the colours I want! Below are just a few colours that I would like to have in my collection! The reason I actually found the colour Lychee, was thanks to essie button, she had it on her nails in a video and I was in awe, I loved it! Big thanks to Estée for that one!
GNP5 - Blueberry
GNP6 - Prickly Pear
GNP8 - Grapefruit

GNP9 - Pomegranate
GNP10 - Lychee
GNP12 - Green Berry

Textured Nail Paint

To be honest, I don’t like these textured polishes! I think they feel awful on the nail. I tested one in Boots and just hated it, but that was only one coat and a rushed one at that. So I’ve decided I will buy one soon just to try again and see if I was wrong! I only really wanted two colours from this collection as there is only four at the moment.
TNP1 - Atlantic Road
TNP4 - Ridley Road

Normal Nail Paint

I usually love Barry M’s nail paint collection, most of the time I’m 100% chuffed with them. Although I found a few of mine were quite watery and didn't meet my colour expectations. But that can always be easily fixed with a white base coat, I guess. As you can see from the colours I've picked, I don’t really like blue, do I? Ha. Also with Mushroom, you can’t go wrong, it’s a gorgeous colour that I think is perfect for everyday wear.

NP287 - Aqua Blue
NP291 - Cobalt Blue
NP295 - Turquoise
NP210 - Mushroom

Do you love Barry M too?
What are your favourite colours?
Have you tried any of the ones I have mentioned?
Any recommendations?


I would also like to state that Barry M are also an animal friendly brand, here’s a quote from their own site;

Animal Friendly

Barry M Cosmetics have never tested their finished products or ingredients on animals or engaged another company to do so on our behalf.
Although we have NEVER tested any of our products or their constituents on animals, some of our products do contain common ingredients that will have, at some point, been tested by other parties (not at our request). These are often ingredients that have been included in cosmetics for many years and were therefore tested when there wasn't so much awareness about the issues.
The statement we make is made to be as transparent as possible in terms of our products and our stance against animal testing. With these values we are proud to be able to work with amazing animal rights charities such as FOUR PAWS.  
Animal Friendly
All of our products are suitable for vegetarians but some do contain animal by-products (like Beeswax) making them unsuitable for Vegans.
Ranges of products not suitable for Vegans are Foundation Creme, Translucent Compact (loose powder format is fine), Natural Dazzle compact (loose powder format is fine), Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon, Lip paint, Super Soft Eye Crayon, Lip gloss Stacking Set and Lip Balm, Blusher Brush & Eye Brush.
All VEGAN friendly products have this symbolVegan Symbol included on the drop down list of ingredients. You can find these on each product page entitled "View Product Ingredients"
We are proud to be listed by Naturewatch as a Cruelty Free supplier of cosmetics with a fixed cut-off date animal testing policy.
To find out more, please see the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide - The definitive guide to animal testing in Personal Care and Household Products.

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