March 18, 2013

Long Time No Blog!

Hey everyone!

I haven't blogged in quite some time, as you have probably noticed..... My last blog post was at the start of December, it's now March! 
Reason being is my whole laptop was infected with a big, horrible, dirty virus! Some guy literally took over my laptop and got into all my accounts, (facebook, twitter, tumblr. etc.) 

This made me so angry and also really conscious about all my personal stuff on my laptop, so I decided to take all my pictures and other things personal to me, off it and completely restore my laptop to factory settings.

During this time, I changed literally every password I had for everything. I was seriously panicking and had to sent off so many emails to all my social networking sites. 
These people hacked my accounts, changed my usernames, email address' and also passwords. So it was really hard for me to get everything back again. 
I was in complete shock, and I know this sounds stupid, but I was like an angry demon, just taking everyone's heads off if they even spoke to me. 
All of my accounts got hacked, everything was changed, all my personal stuff had been deleted and I was just so pissed off to be honest. 

After a few days of getting everything back right, I realized I had forgotten ALL of my new passwords!!! This made me angry, once again. How could I forget ALL of my new passwords?! So I literally just put the laptop down and left it there. I didn't get back on it until mid February, where I started changing everything back to normal. 

During this whole thing, I'd felt I had let all of my blog readers down and I was too stubborn to even try and remember my password for this too! So I eventually changed it today.

I would say I'll be back blogging regularly, but to be honest with you, I doubt it. I will blog every now and then and definitely after May I will be trying my best to blog more. My course finishes in May and I have end of year exams coming up, and I really need to start knuckling down and studying my ass off. 

Another thing is, I've really gotten into baking lately! I know this is so random, but still.. 
I love making cakes, cupcakes, cookies, biscuits, pancakes, brownies, scones and I love making frosting the most ;) 

I'm still into my makeup, fashion and beauty things, but I'm also into other things lately too so I think, to help myself blog a little bit more, I should change my makeup blog to a sort of, everything blog and not just blog about beauty products! Truth being told, I'm so poor lately, I can't afford to keep buying new things to try! 

I'm thinking of changing my blog name, making a new theme (If anyone makes themes, let me know, because I'm so lazy!). Leave some suggestions of new blog names too, I'd love to hear your ideas!

Thanks for reading! 

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