September 24, 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

Hey hey! 

I've recently been shopping and I've spent every penny I've had on makeup, beauty, skincare, nail art supplies and clothes.. You know yourself, anything you can pick up! The joys of living with your parents and not having to buy food, hey? Anyways, while I was in Boots, my second home, I picked up the new, well.. few weeks old but AMAZING cult product "Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover". I'm sure most of you know what this is and know before I even say anything, that it's brilliant! I bought this and was expecting great results and to be honest, that's what I got! 

For those of you who don't know what this is, it's actually a sponge in a pot soaked with nail varnish remover. It was actually out before (a different brand though!), a good while ago. My Mammy said she used to love not having to use cotton wool, because she hated the feel of it, which is actually a common thing for people, getting wool stuck to the glitter etc. etc. So I think this is a great re-make for a lot of people!

The formula is actually good for your nails! It's acetone and paraben free which is super because acetone is very drying on your nails. It also contains almond oil which is said to moisturise your cuticles! As I paint my nails a lot and I usually changed it at least every one or two days, this is great for me!

The sponge itself is black, so therefore you can't really see any deterioration! I find my sponge tends to move with my finger sometimes, maybe that's just my sponge, or fingers? Also because you can stick your nails down in the pot, there's no polish at the top! And as well as that, the circle in the middle doesn't spread or widen after use, it stays the same!

The only thing I dislike about the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is the smell you get when you open it. It's so over-powering! I have a crap sense of smell, (really.. REALLY crap) and as soon as I open the pot the smell is so strong, but you get over it after a few seconds. Saying that though, the smell on your nails afterwards is a gorgeous strawberry/fruity smell.

Another thing about it is, it says it removes nail polish in "1 second", this is clearly a lie as you probably guessed. That's just too good to be true! I find it takes at least 5 seconds or more to remove polish. I'd also like to state that this varies from polish to polish and how much of it you have on.

I have also heard that, yes, it does remove glitter polishes after about 30-40 seconds. The only disadvantage of removing your glitter polishes, is that it stays in the sponge, obviously, and the next time you use it, it leaves glitter on your fingers afterwards. But to me that wouldn't be a problem as I wash my hands after using this anyways!

Overall I love this product SO much and I don't think I could live without it anymore! I'll also be experimenting to see if I can refill it after it's gone! I will update you all on that,whenever it's gone, hopefully it's never gone though! :'(

Some pictures of my nails before I used the remover (excuse the messiness, they were rushed!)

The product itself!

And the magic!
Index finger - after 3 turns

after another two

Middle finger - after one turn

after another turn

after another turn

Ring finger - after five seconds

Baby finger - after five seconds

The result! Nothing a cotton pad can't remove!

Have you tried this product before? 
Are you going to try it? 
What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading! Lotsa love,

September 17, 2012

A Site You Need To Check Out!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well! 

I bought an o2 money card the other day as I have no VISA card and I thought that it would be a great investment! It was, I put 50 euro on it at the time and now I have around a tenner left. Ooops! I spent 30+ euro on nail art supplies from this site.

If you love nail art then this is the site for you, especially if you live in the UK. The prices are amazing! I haven't tried any products yet but I will be doing a haul as soon as I get them which hopefully is soon, and obviously I will let you know if I found them good or not. I've heard only good about this site though to be honest! They have a deal of the day, every day. They usually have offers on and stuff too! Such as free shipping on orders. I promise, you won't be let down with this site, just try it. It only takes a few minutes of your time!

click the picture above to visit the site too!

This was a very random post, I know! But I just thought you should see this for yourselves and see what ya think!  Let me know if you're going to try it & how you got on! I will definitely be updating you all soon!

Lots of love,

September 12, 2012

Clothes Haul

Hello dolls! 
I went shopping three times in the space of 4 days, I'm officially broke! 

I rarely go out to buy clothes, I'm more of a beauty, makeup, skincare, nail varnish buyer! But seeing as I'm starting college I decided to buy more clothes and less beauty products, buuuuut.. I still bought both. I'm going to have two hauls, one for clothes and one for beauty! 

All of my clothes are from Penneys/Primark, ill just get straight into it!

Blazer | €17 
 First of all I picked up this black blazer, I was in serious need of one. This one also isn't too heavy so I could wear it on a warm day! I find blazers very smart and professional looking. This one is quite plain, it's black with a line of leopard print going down the middle of the inside, if that even makes sense.. which honestly, I don't understand. No one will see the inside? It also hasn't got much of a design on cuffs except a little line of leopard print. I was disappointed as I'd of loved a design on the cuffs!

Knitted Jumpers | €10 each

When I saw these jumpers I actually fell in love with them. They had gorgeous colours that definitely would catch your eye! I picked out the green and blue ones as these were my favourites. I love the zip at the back, it adds detail to the jumper but not too much, so it's perfect! The only thing with these jumpers I found were they were very small fitted. I got two sizes bigger. The proper size is probably great for you guys, but for me I wanted them a little loose and over sized.

Zip Up Hoodie | €10
I was actually in need of a new hoody and when I saw this one, I knew I had to get it! The colour is so versatile and therefore I can wear it with a lot of things. I also got this a size bigger because I love jumpers to be just a little bit big on me. They also had this in lots of different colours, I just hadn't enough money to buy them. I'm definitely going to get more of these. I love them!

Striped Tank Top | €3.50
This is just a normal striped tank top I picked up, it was only €3.50 so I couldn't resist grabbing it!

Dublin Jersey | €60
My daddy gave me money towards buying this jersey and I was delighted, I've needed one for so long. Dublin were knocked out of the GAA in the semis at the weekend though, boo hoo! Which is really disappointing. At least I'll have this jersey forever now. It's big on me though. It's size small, but it's still like a dress on me!

Lace/Polka dot Top | €11
This was the last top that I picked up! I absolutely LOVE it. It's super cute and looks great tucked in rather than let out. That's just my opinion though! But I think it's very smart looking yet you could definitely get away with this top on a night out. It's fab.

Tan Bag | €9
Well, I've needed a tan bag for ages and I could never find any decent ones, but when I was in Penneys I seen this one and said I may as well get it. For nine euro, you can't go wrong!

Penneys Canvas Shoes/Pumps | €3
As always I got my Penneys shoes. You only, well.. I only get a few wears out of these each time, so I'm lucky they're only three yoyo's!

Penneys Tom/Flossys Copies | €4 
I just needed a pair of these!

Other shoes | €2
Yep these were only two euro. Bargain! Just had to grab them!

Thanks for reading! I know this post is LONG over-due! But I've just started college and I'm so busy! But anyways it's here now, so enjoy!

Have you bought any of these items recently? Will you buy any of them? Do you love/hate any? Let me know what you think! :)

Lots of love,

September 6, 2012

This Or That Tag!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing great!
The truth is, I've been finishing my fashion haul post for about a week now and if I'm honest, it just isn't working for me. I've decided to start all over! It's kind of annoying as I spent such a long time on it! But I'll get there with the new one. I hope you guys don't mind the wait. 
I thought, seeing as I was bummed off trying to fix the other post, I'd browse through blogs for a while. Then when I was on Louise's blog and found this tag & I just had to do it! So here goes nothing! 

Make Up

Blush or Bronzer?

Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick, lipgloss just likes to rob the hair from my head so I don't bother with it.

Chapstick or Lip Butter?

Matte or Sparkle Eye Shadow? 
Matte and sparkle, sparkle for special events!

Eye Liner or Mascara?
Mascara, eyeliner prefers to be on my cheeks rather than my eyes.

Gel, Liquid or Cream Eye Liner?
Definitely gel, it's the only one that I can manage to put on properly & it doesn't smudge!
Foundation or Concealer?
Concealer, because not all foundations cover blemishes whereas concealers do!

Liquid or Powder Foundation?
Liquid, I've never used powder.

Neutral or Colour Eye Shadow?
Neutral and earth tones. I haven't really experimented much with eye shadow so neutral for now!

Pressed or Loose Eye Shadow? 
I can't pick! Both are great, though I think pressed.

Waterproof or Non Waterproof?
Non waterproof for normal days, but obviously waterproof if I'm swimming or something!

Brushes or Sponges?
Brushes. I can't use sponges at all!

Powder Highlighter, Cream or Liquid?
I don't actually use highlighter so I couldn't pick one.


OPI or Essie?
Never tried Essie, so OPI.

Acrylic or Natural?
I love acrylics but I'd rather them be real, so half and half? 

Brights or Darks?
Definitely brights.

Matte or Shiny?
Shiny. Usually if it's matte I'd use a shiny top coat! Unless I was doing nail art.

Glitter or No Glitter?
I love glitter, so yes! For most colours anyways.


Perfume or Body Splash?

Lotion or Body Butter?
Lotions are so much handier, but I love body butters!

Body Wash or Soap?
Body wash.

Self Tanners or Natural?
I wish I was tanned naturally! So self tanners. Though I hate streaks or blotches!

I enjoyed doing this quick little tag and I hope you enjoyed reading it! If you want to do it go ahead! Leave me a comment below if you do, I would love to read your answers too!

Lots of love,

September 2, 2012

Two Week Nail Growth Project

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well!
It's been two weeks now since I started my two week nail growth project and I said I'd show you all how I got on. I have tiny nails, but when they grow long they eventually go the way I want them to. And if I'm completely honest, not all of my nails are the way I want them to be but I know if I give them a few more weeks they'll be okay. Hopefully I can keep them strong for a month or so! 
Anyways here's how I got on...

Day 1-L&R
As you can see, they aren't in the best of form! And please do excuse the nail varnish on my nails through-out the pictures. It was to help me stop picking at them because they were weak enough as it was.

Day 2-L&R

Day 3-L&R

Day 4-L&R

Day 5 L&R

Day 6-L&R

Day 7-L&R

Day 8-L&R

Day 9
Unfortunately, I missed day 9!

Day 10-L&R

Day 11-L&R
Sorry the lighting is so bad in this, it was time for bed and I had almost forgotten to take it altogether! 

Day 12
I also missed day 12, I don't know how I managed this at all, I really don't.

Day 13-L&R

Day 14-L&R

So that was my nail growth over two weeks, this actually includes some filing down on some nails too! Some nails haven't grown as much as I wanted them to but they can only grow at their own speed. This just goes to show that in just two weeks your nails can grow a good bit!

I might blog about this again in a few weeks and show you how I've shaped them and fixed them up, but for now I'm going to focus on keeping them strong so they don't break again!

I know some people said they were going to try this out, and I think that's great! Make sure you comment and let me know how you got on or if you're going to try this now.

Thanks a mil for reading! 
Lots of love,

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