November 29, 2013

Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Christmas Beauty Wishlist
Naked 3 Palette // Sigma Brush Set // NARS Lipstick // Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm // Liz Earle Set

I am absolutely dying for Christmas! I wasn't even bad until I put my first 'Christmas Gift Guide' up! Ever since then I've been super excited. I can't help but love Christmas, it's such a nice time when you're surrounded by your loved ones. Oh.. And the Christmas dinner, can't forget the Christmas dinner!
There's so many things I've wanted this year but never got. I think I'd get them a lot quicker if they were on my list to Santa! I thought I'd make a quick list on my blog and see what you all think.

Urban Decay and their 'oh so famous' Naked 3 palette. Everyone wants this! Well, every beauty blogger and of course, me. I never bought the first two palettes and as soon as I seen the blogger outburst about this palette I was delighted I didn't get the first two, because I am definitely getting this one. The shades are so much more me than the first and second palette. And the packaging is gorgeous!

I've never tried any Sigma products or brushes but I've always heard they're good. I feel like I need more good quality eye brushes for my collection. I always run out of clean ones to use so quickly and I'm left with dark eyeshadow on every brush. I have my eyes set on the Sigmax Precision Kit 5 Brushes. They also have a set of four brushes which I'd probably choose over this one, but since it's Christmas...

Again, I'm a NARS virgin! I've never tried a product before, but a few of my friends have and they're always telling me I need to. Since I've heard so much about them, I decided I'd go with a lipstick! The Cinematic Lipstick in Future Red, caught my eye immediately - I am loving red shades this year. The Cinematic Lipsticks are limited editions and won't be around for long, so why not get one of them? - If I get on well with it I can get a normal one later!

I have wanted the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm for as long as I can remember, I really don't know why it's not in my life yet! I know my skin would love this, or I just want to pamper myself. But really, I don't think I've seen a bad review of this before! (If you have, let me know!) I strongly recommend you check out their Luxury Superskin Face and Body Hamper if you don't want to go all out on just one item. This hamper contains sample sizes of everything you need for just about the same price of the cleansing balm, which is ridiculously brilliant for the amount of things you get!

Lastly, the Liz Earle December Skin Care Essentials. When I stumbled upon this deal on the Liz Earle online shop, my jaw almost dropped to the floor! Liz Earle is quite pricey but this whole set is only €49! To buy everything separately this would cost you €81. What?! I don't think I can pass this offer by, it's absolutely amazing! I generally would only have wanted the cleanse and polish, but in this set you get the whole sha-bang! The cleanse and polish - and a pure muslin cloth to use it with, a toner and a moisturiser. They have also added a complimentary a hand cream.

So there you have it, a list of things I'm literally wishing for, for Christmas. I wish Santa was loaded and able to buy me all of them, but unfortunately he's not and I'd never expect all of this! If I even got just one of these I'd be happy.

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year? Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned?


November 25, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide Series #1 - Mum

I cannot believe how quickly 2013 has gone by! It was such a good year for me and I can't wait for 2014. Christmas is quickly closing in on us and I bet most people are in a sweat about getting their friends and families some presents for the big day. I usually end up leaving it all last minute, but this year I amn't going to leave myself running around a few days before Christmas. It's never worth the hassle!

I thought I'd do a gift guide series for you all and hopefully it helps somebody out! The first gift series is for your Mums, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, whoever you feel that these gifts suit. I just put together a list of things that my Mum likes and mixed it around to suit the festive theme.

Soap & Glory always put together the best gift sets, their Relax Station Gift Set is perfect for a Christmas gift. It includes a body buffer, shower gel, hand cream, foot cream and body butter - it also includes a shower puff and hair turban. This would be a great treat for the ladies.

I always love receiving pyjamas, slippers and the likes as presents. I think with the colder weather coming in, a nice housecoat or fluffy PJs and some socks would be a lovely gift for anybody! I found a gorgeous Aztec Print Fleece Robe and some Faux Fur Textured Boots. There's so many to choose from on every online site and in every clothing store, if it was up to me I'd be in reindeer socks and a big reindeer onesie! No joke. If your on a low budget these are the perfect gifts because you can pick up great PJs in Primark.

My Mam absolutely loves Yankee candles, they're definitely one of her favourite candle brands. I picked out two Christmas themed choices for the sake of this post. Red Apple Wreath and the Christmas Classics set of three, are all so sweet and Christmassy. They make it feel like it's Christmas day! Yankee candles are quite pricey but they last so long and smell amazing! I'm sure you can get cheaper alternatives as well. Right now they have a 25%-40% off all festive candles and accessories sale on their site, so if you're thinking of getting one, get it now! 

Of course, I had to pick something from Lush for my Mam! She loves bath bombs and I'm pretty sure there's a few in Lush that she hasn't even seen yet. The Christmas ones look incredible! The Melting Snowmen Luxury Bath Melts are just too cute to pass by and the Secret Santa Bath Bomb is unbelievably detailed and the 'Secret Santa' is a little red Santa bath bomb, inside the house! How cool is that?! Lush bath bombs are always amazing and work wonders for your skin. There's plenty to choose from and you will not regret buying them once you've used them. And then you might just get a serious addiction....

There you have it, my 'Gift Guide Series #1'. I really hope this helps anybody who needs a few ideas. Of course there's so many more things you could get for your Mammies! And remember - it's the thought that counts if you can't afford big expensive presents, maybe make your Mam something nice or get her something small - she's your Mam she will appreciate anything you give her.

What are you going to get your Mum for Christmas?
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Side note - This is my first post from my new MacBook, I'm so glad I bit the bullet and got it in the end. Everyone who pushed me to get it, thank you! It's definitely going to take a bit of getting use to as it's completely different to a windows laptop, which I have had for most of my life. But, I'll get there in time! Yay!

November 18, 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

Sweater Weather Tag
Photo Source // Edited by me

This tag has been floating around YouTube for a while now and seeing as I don't make YouTube videos, I've decided to do a blog post instead because I really wanted to do it! The tag was originally created by 'itsmelexie1' and the first video I seen of it was by Ingrid/MissGlamorazzi, you can watch her video here. Ingrid's video was really touching and I really felt like giving her a big hug. You'll know what I mean when you watch it yourselves.

1. Favorite candle scent?
I love vanilla scents, so anything vanilla! My favourite lately is Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake, or Christmas Cookie.

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Definitely tea, you can never beat a good cup of tea. I went through a phase of hot chocolate, cream, marshmallows and sprinkles a few weeks ago. But I quickly went back to my good ol' cuppa tay!

3. What's the best fall memory you have?
I suppose a good one to say is Halloween a few years ago. Me and my best friend got locked in her cousin's bathroom, I broke the key while trying to open the door. We had to get out the tiniest window you could imagine and it had little spikes on the bottom so it was so awkward for us to get out easily. It took my bestie what felt like forever to get out but in reality it was about 20 or 30 mins. She was freaking out and panicking, but eventually she got out with the help of me pushing her up and her uncle pulling her out. I thought I was being a great friend letting her out first. Then I realised I had no way to get out myself, nothing to lift me up or nothing to stand on! I'm quite small too so it was hard to even get up to the window! It must of been the adrenaline but I literally went out that window like superwoman. I can't even remember what I did or how I did it because it was all so surreal at the time but I got out in about 20 seconds. There was such a big commotion outside trying to get us out. Ladders and all! Loads of people were gathered around and laughing at us when we eventually got out. Unfortunately the cousin's had to get a new bathroom door... Oops!
But a really good fall memory I have is going to see bonfires on Halloween with my Dad and younger brother when we were both little. 

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? 
Dark lips fo' sho'. I rarely wear 'winged' eyeliner, I just do a bit of eyeliner on top of my lashes.

5. Best fragrance for fall?
I'm really not fussy, anything flowery or musky. I have a strange taste in scents...

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
Gravy and potatoes and meat and.. Actually no, just gravy.

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
In Ireland, it can be lovely. Apart from when it's rainy and wet. It's always full of colour with the leaves everywhere and it's not too cold but just a bearable temperature.Well, sometimes it can be super cold, it is Ireland!

8. Most worn sweater?
I wear a lot of cardigans in the fall/winter, I love wearing cardigans they're so flowy and comfy yet still warm! I'm loving cable knit sweaters too at the moment, they're just fab!

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?
Barry M's Raspberry.

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Definitely jumping in leaf piles! I've never done it properly, but I've always wanted to! If I tried playing football, I'd probably break my neck.

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Leggings, I don't own many skinny jeans but I wear jeggings a lot so I'm definitely going to have to pick leggings.

12. Combat boots or Uggs?
Uggs, they're just so comfy and cosy and I'd wear them every day, forever, if I could!

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
I've never tried it! 

14. Favorite fall TV show?
Love/Hate, an Irish crime drama series, which just ended last week. Devastated! I absolutely love it. I have to start looking at The Sopranos because apparently it's similar.

15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
Well the song I'm listening to the most is Royals by Lorde, but it's being way overplayed and I'm worried I'll start to hate it soon!

There's my answers to the Sweater Weather tag, I hope they were a little bit interesting! I tag everyone who reads this to do it. If you want to do it, just do it!

If you do this tag, let me know! I'd love to read your answers.

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November 15, 2013

Loving Cosy Sock Season!

Cosy Socks!

You all must think I've literally gone mad writing a post about socks! But when I came across these socks on the next website, I just couldn't resist sharing them with you. I want them all, but unfortunately my bank account wouldn't like it. 

These bootie style slipper-socks look so comfortable! Lined with fur on the insides and a gorgeous knitted outer design, they nearly look good enough to wear outside, only they'd be ruined.

How could you not want a bunny with glasses on your socks? These are so adorable and there's two pairs, including the ones with polka dots.

Pandas are just the cutest animals. When I seen these I fell in love. Again who wouldn't want either a panda face on their socks or a sock full of pandas? Probably a lot of people, maybe it's just me who's obsessed with animal socks.

More panda socks, bit of a pattern going on here eh? I can't help myself. Fluffy warm panda socks, or fluffy plain grey ones. I'd happily have me some of these.

If you go on to the link, just look at that little face.. How could you say no to that? These socks are ridiculous-ly cute! They look so warm.

I honestly just had to show you these, they have ears! 

Bambi socks, imagine wearing these around your house, they're adorable. To be honest coming up to Christmas, having 'rein'deer socks, that'd be cool.

These don't look like they've much sequins, even on the zoom view. But nevertheless they look so comfy and warm. The bobbles/baubles, (I don't know which one it is, is there a difference?) are an added bonus too. Although I always find they end up falling off. Still pretty though!

Coming up to Christmas, these are a must have for your sock drawer! The patterns are super cute.

I loved the look of these when I seen them, all the different animals on them are adorable. I love the way they match up too.

Anyways, there was way more socks and you should totally check them out on the next website if you're interested. I only picked ten out for this post, but I wanted to pick way more! I hope you enjoyed this post. It's quite a different post for me to do, but I couldn't resist.

Have you any cute fluffy socks this season?
Would any of these socks interest you, or am I crazy?

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November 12, 2013

VIVO Cosmetics Haul

This post has been long over due. I had a little splurge on the VIVO Cosmetics website when they had their free shipping and bank holiday half price sales on, many weeks ago. VIVO constantly have little deals on, you should definitely sign up for their newsletter if you're in any way interested. 

Eye/Eyebrow products:
I seen the Unprotected 12 Shade Colour Block palette and added it to my basket because it had neutral shades and that's what I usually go for. I wish I had of picked the Dreamy 12 Shade Colour Block palette instead though! I feel the colours are more 'me', than the ones in the Unprotected palette. It won't go to waste though! 
I picked up the Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown too, because I love trying new eyebrow pencils and this one had a little brush at the end which is always a nice little touch. 
I picked out some False Eyelashes in Full On too, but I've yet to try them out. The were the most natural looking ones at the time.

Face products:
I picked up the Mattifying Loose Powder which is a translucent powder. I can't really get this out of the tub without causing a great mess, so I've not used it as much as I'd of liked to. 
I had to add the VIVO Baked Blush in Rouge Shimmer to my basket, which is an absolutely gorgeous shade of blusher. I am loving it at the moment!

Lip products:
As soon as I seen they had Matte Lipsticks I immediately added two of them to my basket. I got Wow Pink and Naturally Nude which are both beautiful shades. Oh, and they smell like coconut! 
I also seen they had some Colour Stain Lip Crayons and I was drawn straight away to the Miss Independent one because of its bright orange colour. These really do stain your lips, I remember this wore off my lips one day but the colour was still there, just not as glossy.

Nail products:
I had to add in one of their Nail Varnishes, didn't I? Well I did in my head anyways. I picked up the colour Take Time.

As you can see, I picked up quite a few bits and it all came to under €14! What a bargain! The products are good enough for me, especially at that price. I just don't think you could go wrong.
Unfortunately, a few of these products are sold out at the moment, but hopefully they come back into stock. 

Have you tried any VIVO products before?

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November 4, 2013

Witch Blemish Stick

I was in Tesco's the other day and as always, took a trip down the beauty isle. I seen the witch blemish stick and thought I should grab it. I had seen a few reviews and who doesn't want a product to control any spots that decide to appear?!

Witch have captured a wild plant growing in America called 'witch hazel'. So the gel-like formula is made from extracts of a natural ingredient, which helps fight off the bacteria and break down the oils that causes you to get spots.

I just want to start off by saying, although I love the colours of the packaging, I hate everything else about it. The design is terrible. It has a screw off top and you push up the gel-like formula. But it slides straight back down just by rubbing it on your face so you have to hold it up whilst using it. I'd prefer if it was a twist up or something similar. I usually use my finger to put the product on actual spots because I just feel like it's unhygienic not to!

Saying that, the product still works and that's the main thing! I've been using it on places I've felt that tingling sensation that I just know a pesky spot is gonna make it's way to my face. It takes the redness away and the spot is almost gone by the next day. I've also found it to be closing my pores! I've blackheads on my nose (I know it's gross, but most of us do!) and I found this to make them a lot less noticeable. I couldn't believe when I looked in the mirror and seen the difference. 

The only real downfall of the product is that it dries your skin out an awful lot. But, that's nothing a good old moisturiser won't fix. I can put up with a bit of dryness if it takes away spots. It will most likely sting if you put it on broken skin and you might get a little tingle when putting it on bigger spots too. It also has a very powerful smell! But it's nothing you won't put up with for the way it helps your skin.

Apparently it runs out quickly too, but I haven't used all mine up yet so I can't comment on that. But it's only around 3 to 4 euro so I can see myself picking this up over and over again. I can definitely say I like this product and would recommend it to my friends and family and of course, all of you! 

Have you tried any witch products before? 
Do you know any other spot killing products?

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November 2, 2013

Monthly Roundup | October

Monthly Roundup | October
I cannot believe how fast October went! I feel like the whole month was just a big blur! Time to say goodbye to October and hello to November. That means it's nearly Christmas!! I love Christmas so much and can't wait for December already. 
Anyhow, here's a list of my posts over the month of October in case you've missed any. Hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them!

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